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Outdoor camera in Baton Rouge
August 27, 2020

What To Ask For When Buying A Home Security Camera In Baton Rouge

Most home security systems use at least one home security camera in Baton Rouge. However, with all the different models and options for cameras, it's tricky to know what camera features really matter. Do you get one from a retail store and do a DIY install? Or is it preferable to have your cameras professionally installed? Should you insist on a camera that live streams in full HD? Is it better to have an exterior camera right under the overhang or a doorbell camera?

To explore these questions and other common questions, here is what you should look for in a Baton Rouge home security camera.

Three types of security cameras in Baton Rouge

Types Of Home Security Cameras in Baton Rouge

There are three common kinds of home security cameras in Baton Rouge. Each type has a specific type of use and can easily integrate with your home security system:

  • Outdoor home security camera: These cameras attach to the exterior of your home to give you a view of your property, driveway, and common doors.

  • Indoor home security cameras: Indoor cameras hang from a wall or are placed on a level surface, and typically show one room in your home.

  • Doorbell cameras: A doorbell camera replaces your current doorbell and lets you know who’s visiting.

What Makes A “Great” Security Camera In Baton Rouge?

Take a quick look down the security camera row in a popular hardware store, and you’ll quickly see that there’s many differences in camera durability and specs. Here’s a rundown of what you should look for in your home security camera:

  • Wide field of vision: You'll probably want your camera to see as much area as it can. Without a wide-angle lens, there will be more blind spots and spaces where people can hide. Try to find cameras with at least a 140° to 180° wide angle.

  • Low-light clarity: A camera’s not much good if it can’t see what’s happening during the night. You will want a camera that comes with infrared LEDs that offer nighttime illumination.

  • HD resolution: The days of pixelated blobs should be behind you. Only look at cameras that record and broadcast in 720 HD or more.

  • Sturdy construction: Your outside security cameras should be able to function when there’s bad weather like thunderstorms, high heat, or freezing temperatures (some even include a built-in heater). Your interior cameras should absorb shock if they’re bumped or knocked to the floor.

  • Motion sensors: Although you can program your cameras for a non-stop record, that takes a lot of recording space and power. We recommend looking for a security camera with motion sensors that starts automatically recording when it senses motion.

  • Two-way communication: The top doorbell cameras come with an intercom system, which makes it easy to talk with delivery people or visitors without coming to the door. However, similar 2-way audio capability is handy feature with indoor or outdoor cameras, too.

  • Wireless capabilities: A wireless camera can be placed wherever you’d like outside or in your home, and is easy to move if needed. Wireless placement is often preferable to wiring your camera straight into your electric wiring.

  • A simple mobile app: How good is a security camera if it’s difficult to manage? Explore cameras that include a mobile app so you can see live streaming in HD, record and store clips, and get notifications when your cameras detect motion. It helps when your mobile app also controls your comprehensive security and home automation system.       

Should You Have Your Home Security Cameras Professionally Installed?

Once you have learned what you’re looking for in a residential security camera, you need to choose who’s going to install your cameras. If you’re comfortable with tools, you may try to install your cameras yourself. But if you don't know where to place your cameras, or have questions about the components, go ahead and get professional installation. Professionals, such as Secure24 Alarm Systems, will place your cameras for complete security and connect your cameras to the mobile app. You may also want professional installation if your security cameras integrate with a full residential security system.

Buy The Best Home Security Cameras in Baton Rouge With Secure24 Alarm Systems

The best home security cameras with expert installation in Baton Rouge come from Secure24 Alarm Systems. Just contact us at (225) 230-5215 or complete the form below to get your complimentary quote. We’ll walk you through your best options and how your cameras are an important piece of your home security system.