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Security system technology
December 08, 2021

Technology Advancements in Baton Rouge Home Security Systems

Home security systems have been available in Baton Rouge for over 50 or so years, and hasn’t evolved until the past 10 or so years. Home protection has always been a concern, but in the before times it seemed intrusive and cumbersome. Now, however, you have access to wireless sensors, cameras, and smart components that result in a more responsive and intuitive security system to your lifestyle. Check out the following technology advancements in Baton Rouge home security that enhance your safety and simplify your life.

Activate Your System From The Couch Through Voice Commands

You can engage your home’s alarm system with spoken words. Vocal directives don’t require your hands and prevent the inconvenience of engaging your system manually with a code and touchpad when you decide to turn it on. Voice activation is easy to program with your Google or Amazon device. Or take it one step further and create a daily schedule through your versatile smart phone application.

ADT Smart Lock Control Pad in a Sitting Room

Protect Your Home With Smart Door Locks

Traditional locks and deadbolts are simpler to bypass than keypad entry systems. Within your smartphone security application, you create a PIN that you will then pass on to your loved ones and anyone else you would like to be allowed into your home. You can even disengage the locks from your cell phone, which can be convenient when you are unpacking children or bulky items or whenever your hands are occupied while making an effort to reenter your house. Smart locks are a prime example of technology advancements in Baton Rouge home security that will leave you wondering how you managed to live without.

Keep An Eye On Your Front Porch With Handy Doorbell Surveillance

At the top of the list of sought-after technology advancements in Baton Rouge home security are doorbell cameras. These doorbells will not only chime a person approaches, but you will also have the opportunity to see who is on your front porch. Many doorbell cameras offer motion detection and will alert you and start recording if it observes any type of action. If there's a person at your entrance that you are uncomfortable opening your home to, you are able to use the 2-way communication feature as opposed to speaking in person.

Illuminate Your Home with Smart Lights

It's generally accepted that a unlit home will often be a targeted home. On top of that, do you really want to walk into a darkened interior after a long day of work? Smart bulbs allow you to control your property’s lighting regardless of your location. You should place smart lights in multiple areas of your home, so it gives the appearance that your house is occupied. You might also set your lights to illuminate whenever you want and have your house come to life when you get done with your shower each day or after you get home from your job.

Use Live Video Monitoring To See What's Taking Place At Home

Did you decide to try a new house cleaner and need to check in on them? Do you have teenagers in your house that you are concerned about when you’re in the office? Do you have furry friends with an anxiety disorder? With real-time video footage, you can take a look inside your interior from your smartphone anytime you want. Incorporate video surveillance inside your house and outdoors to stay connected at all times and keep your family members and property secure.

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